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A song full of contradictions and history «Lili Marleen»

Lili Marlene 8 Different Versions
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Żołnierze po obu stronach frontu śpiewali tę samą piosenką.

Lili Marleen (German version) - A song full of contradictions and history
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The history of the song, Lili Marleen, is full of contradictions. A German composer set a poem born of the trenches of the First World War to music, and a German woman enamored of a Jew provided the voice that would make those verses famous. And oh, did I mention a natural-born German but Nazi-hating actress singing it both in German and English but rooting for the enemy? Mix all these things together and you have the making of a musical piece for all ages bound to break through all cultural and even ideological barriers. Broadcast just before 10 o'clock each night by a military radio station, Lili Marlene united and gave hope to the distraught and persecuted of all Europe.

The world was cruelly divided into two irreconcilable camps, but Lili Marleen traveled across all frontiers and war zones, moving within an ambiguity that flouted norms - it was a product of the Third Reich sung by English and American soldiers, too. Unlike traditional wartime compositions, Lili Marleen is about the harshness of the conflict and about saying farewell to one's nearest and dearest with no promise of future peace and happiness. From the book, Lili Marlene: The Biography of a Song by Rosa Sala Rose. The song you are now listening to was sung by Lale Andersen who first recorded it in 1939.
A short film based on a true story. A World War II soldier risks his life in order to restore a moment of peace. Song performed by Katie Holley: Lili Marleen is a true story about the power of a simple song and a courageous act that helps us remember what’s really important in our lives. This inspirational true story was published on We Are The Mighty on February 5, 2020 by Blake Stillwell.
A remarkable story for the ages. This well done, wonderful, and inspiring short film about the war and the song was created and being shared with you through the courtesy of PTSD 989. Thank you. Another superbly done story of the song, "Lili Marleen," covering 2 world wars and beyond. Quite accurate and informative account of the history of the song. No doubt a lot of time and work spent researching and putting it all together into a show. A bit long, 51 minutes, but well-worth the time especially for the history buff in you. Creator and credit goes to Michael Foley. An interview of Norbert Schultze, composer of that famous war song, "Lili Marleen." Start at 1:15:35 he vehemently denied being a Nazi. "Was I really a Nazi? I've never thought I was. I joined the party and did what I did in order to get by." he remarked. "I conformed but I wasn't a Nazi. This term did not apply to me," he emphatically concluded. Link to "The Story of Lili Marleen, 1944." The first person who sung Lili Marleen was a little Swedish girl named Lale Andersen when she was working in a night club in Berlin in 1939. At that time, nobody paid attention either to Lale or to the song. Their first real appearance was in the spring of 1941, Radio Belgrade. "This is Radio Belgrade. Transmitting for the first time in German," said the announcer. He continued by saying, "And now to end our first broadcast, Lili Marleen sung by Lale Andersen." And the rest, as they say, is history. Indeed, one of the most wonderful songs ever written. Thank you for watching.

Den första personen som sjöng Lili Marleen var en liten svensk flicka som heter Lale Andersen när hon arbetade på en nattklubb i Berlin 1939. Vid den tiden var ingen uppmärksam på varken Lale eller låten. Deras första verkliga utseende var våren 1941, Radio Belgrad. "Det här är Radio Belgrad. Sänder för första gången på tyska", sade tillkännagivaren. Han fortsatte med att säga, "Och nu för att avsluta vår första sändning, Lili Marleen som sjungs av Lale Andersen. Och resten, som de säger, är historia. Faktiskt, den underbaraste låten någonsin. Tack för att du tittade. Här är länken till "Historien om Lili Marleen, 1944." French version of the song "Lili Marleen" by Suzy Solidor. Qui est Suzy Solidor? également connue sous le nom de Suzanne Louise Marie Marion, elle était la femme la plus peinte du monde. Elle a posé pour un large éventail d'artistes dont Tamara de Limpicka, Pablo Picasso, George Braque, Francis Picabia et de nombreux autres peintres. Elle était également une chanteuse et une actrice talentueuse. Ses chansons étaient populaires auprès d'un large public et continuent d'être entendues.



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