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Kościół Świętego Andrzeja w Krakowie

Face to face | tête-à-tête









head-on | head-to-head | mano a mano | one-on-one | toe-to-toe



Christ our Lord in the sacred Scripture of the Old and New Testaments and in Tradition has entrusted to his Church the one deposit of divine revelation, which is like a mirror in which the Church during her pilgrim journey here on earth „contemplates God, from whom she receives everything, until such time as she is brought home to see him

face to face

as he really is”.108 This has happened down the centuries until our own day: the different communities, in welcoming the word, ever new and effective in the course of time, have listened with docility to the voice of the Holy Spirit, pledging themselves to make it alive, applicable and effective in different times of history.


These visits have a special meaning all of their own, in keeping with the ecclesiological and pastoral principles explained above. Indeed, they are first of all an opportunity of the greatest importance, and they constitute, as it were, the centre of the highest ministry committed to the Supreme Pontiff. For then the pastor of the universal Church talks and communicates with the pastors of the particular Churches, who have come to him in order to see Cephas (cf. Gal 1:18), to discuss with him the problems of their dioceses, face to face and in private, and so to share with him the solicitude for all the Churches (cf. 2 Cor 11:28). For these reasons, communion and unity in the innermost life of the Church is fostered to the highest degree through the ad limina visits.




1 Bracia, a gdyby komu przydarzył się jaki upadek, wy, którzy pozostajecie pod działaniem Ducha, w duchu łagodności sprowadźcie takiego na właściwą drogę. Bacz jednak, abyś i ty nie uległ pokusie. 2 Jeden drugiego brzemiona noście i tak wypełniajcie prawo Chrystusowe. 3 Bo kto uważa, że jest czymś, gdy jest niczym, ten zwodzi samego siebie.

List do Galatów 6,1-3


Fratres, etsi præoccupatus fuerit homo in aliquo delicto, vos, qui spirituales estis, hujusmodi instruite in spiritu lenitatis, considerans teipsum, ne et tu tenteris. Alter alterius onera portate, et sic adimplebitis legem Christi. Nam si quis existimat se aliquid esse, cum nihil sit, ipse se seducit.

Clementine Vulgate


Onera portate Vulgata



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Maj. Bill Eberhardt touches noses (Hongi) with a Maori warrior during a Powhiri, or welcoming ceremony, at Christchurch, New Zealand. Airmen from McChord AFB, Wash., are at Christchurch to begin the annual winter fly-in supporting the Antarctic program at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Source USAF Photographic archives (image permalink)
Author U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Shane A. Cuomo