Kraków - Teatr Słowackiego
Po spotkaniu z ministrem Bonim

Kraków - Kościół Św. Krzyża

The Church of the Holy Cross (Kościół Św. Krzyża) in Kraków is a small, simple but impressive Gothic building located near the demolished city walls, just next to the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre. The structure was built between 1186 and 1207 AD. The oldest part of the church is a stone presbytery. A brick part of the construction dates from the 15th century. The simplicity of the exterior contrasts suprisingly with the rich interior where You can find beautifully coloured wall paintings dating back to 1420 (The Agony in the Garden' in the Chapel) and wonderful Gothic palm vault which is based on very high and huge pillar.

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