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Famous Museums, Monuments & Archives Art Resource provides high quality images of works of painting, sculpture, architecture and the minor arts from the world's major museums, monuments, and commercial archives. Ackland Art Museum Addison Gallery of American Art adoc-photos Albright-Knox Art Gallery Album Alinari Photo Library Alexander Calder Foundation Art... Read more →

BógOrg | 762,371 position in world sites rating

Bóg.org 762,371 position in world sites rating 735 visitors per day from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English n. Act of succeeding; succession. n. That which comes after; hence, consequence, issue, or result, of an endeavor or undertaking, whether good or bad; the outcome of effort.... Read more →

SmugMug has acquired Flickr

Big sad news. SmugMug has acquired Flickr. Together is where photographers belong. We’re thrilled to announce that Flickr will be joining SmugMug to become the world’s best photo community! Photography is still at the heart of what we do, and the brands will continue to operate separately. Flickr was founded... Read more →

GNOME Stylish

Stylish | concinnus | elegant [adjective] Having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress [adjective] Having a particular directing style or cinematography. Credit: OMG Ubuntu Read more →


Photo by Thomas Millot on Unsplash CIRCLE (from the Lat. circulus, the diminutive of circus, a ring; the cognate Gr. word is κιρκος, generally used in the form κρίκος), a plane curve definable as the locus of a point which moves so that its distance from a fixed point is... Read more →